Sweet Tea & Busy Bees Collage

Sweet Tea & Busy Bees Collage

Friday, November 21, 2014

Baby it's cold outside!

Is anyone else cold? The polar vortex seems to have the whole country under a cold hold. Last time I checked I lived in the south so it shouldn't be 30 degrees in November. I do however know some animals who are not cold... the alpacas. The boys are enjoying this polar vortex that has taken over the country. Here's a peek of what is going on in the alpaca pasture...

Lately I have found the alpacas dotted across their pasture laying just like Raoul soaking up the sun. Their coats are getting long as they prepare for winter so they are not the least bit cold.Perfect for soaking up some rays in the middle of the day.

If they aren't laying in the sun they are searching for freshly fallen leaves. They are so cute hunting around for their favorite treat!

All of the boys seem happy and relaxed which makes me happy and relaxed. Wishing you a happy fall hummm from the alpacas. Did I mention they hum? I suppose that is for another post.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Operation pet the pigs

Well the pigs have now called Yankee Belle farm their home for 2 months and have settled in quite nicely. I often catch Monty walking over to the pig pen to check things out, I think they are beginning to understand each other. There is only one problem. We CAN NOT touch the pigs. Don't get me wrong, the pigs aren't mean, they just don't do touch. So I have decided to instate operation pet the pigs! Get excited people, this is an official mission. You may be wondering how I am going to do this, I have decided that food and proximity are the two key components to an official pig mission such as this one.

" You are going to do what?"
So I took my chair, book, and pig treats into the pen and planned to stay a while.

"Treats for me?!"
I started by throwing Cheerios to the guys to let them know I came in peace. After they ate some of the treats, I started throwing them closer and closer.

Nicholas even came over to see what was going on at one point.

" Can I play too?"
Sherman ended up almost eating Cheerios out of my hand. He wouldn't quite take it from my hand but he did eat the ones on the ground right next to my fingers.

" Yum!"
I consider operation part one a partial success. Hopefully lots of yummy treats will lead to some pig petting soon.