Sweet Tea & Busy Bees Collage

Sweet Tea & Busy Bees Collage

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Love at lunch: My take on lunch notes.

Before I packed "Batman's" first lunch for lunch bunch day at school tomorrow I decided to hop on the computer to see if I could find any cute lunch notes to include. As I was scrolling through countless super cute notes that I could print out it dawned on me that I was getting lunch notes before lunch notes were a thing. 

My mom would include a special I love you note every so often in my lunch. I don't know the story behind how it started but the message is a picture rather than words. I have to assume this is because she started giving me these notes before I could even read just like I am doing for "Batman." I never really stopped to think about how special those notes were until today in the midst of my internet lunch note search. This got me thinking, would I remember those notes so well if it was just a cute printed off picture? I don't know. 
A recent I love you note from my mom, just like when I was little

This special note appeared in my lunch when I was little but followed me through my life as a sign of encouragement. On my birthdays she would scroll Happy Birthday in lipstick across my mirror and then sign it with her signature I love you. When I went to college she would send care packages and include her special I love you. Even now when she sends something in the mail for me or the kids I can expect to see that special I love you. 

There is something about someone's handwriting that is magical. It almost makes you feel like they are there with you. Try looking at a loved one's card they have signed or a note they have written. I bet you will feel something in your heart when you do. 

So tomorrow in "Batman's" lunch I am not going to print off the cute Yoda note that I had originally thought about. I am going to write him an I love you note picture style. I hope this note can some day become as special to him as it is to me. 

"Batman's" first I love you lunch note

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