Sweet Tea & Busy Bees Collage

Sweet Tea & Busy Bees Collage

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter gardens

Today in our resurrection eggs we opened the egg about Jesus praying in the garden. I decided that we should add an Easter garden to our regular garden to remind us about Easter all the time. The kids are always loving to dig in the dirt so they were into this idea. I have seen these garden ideas in church and online. I will share with you how we made ours. Adapt yours to fit your family!

Our Easter Garden


* Pot or container
* Cup or a smaller pot for the tomb
* A large rock to cover the tomb
* 2 sticks to make a cross
* Other small stones to create a path to the tomb


There are no specific order of steps for this project. Just let the kids get in there and start creating, with guidance of course.

First we searched for the perfect sticks for our cross.

Next "Batman" and " Strawberry Shortcake" filled the pot up with dirt and added our tomb.

"Batman" then placed the cross behind the tomb in the special spot that he picked out.
When we were finished, "Batman" thought we needed to add a Jesus. We searched for the perfect Jesus and settled on a Star Wars action figure.
Jesus in the tomb
To finish the garden off we put the rock over the tomb. I will move the rock Easter morning and we will talk about what happened to Jesus.
The stone has been rolled over the tomb!

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