Sweet Tea & Busy Bees Collage

Sweet Tea & Busy Bees Collage

Saturday, April 12, 2014

For the shear fun of it

We are about to add alpacas to our mini farm and I am so ecstatic I could burst. We have been busy getting things ready around here like building a barn, putting up the fence and gathering the necessary supplies. One of the last preparations that needed to be done before our babies come to live with us was shearing. Ross and I had the privilege to go to Black Tulip Farm Alpacas to help and learn on shearing day. Let me tell you alpaca shearing is an experience and it was a great one! For starters the alpacas start out looking like fuzzy little teddy bears and come out looking so small and dainty.

Alpacas, some have already experienced shearing and some have not.

One of our little guys getting his spring hair cut.

Alpacas have to be shorn yearly in order to keep them cool. Their fiber keeps them extremely warm which becomes problematic when is gets hot outside. Once their fiber is removed it can be made into so many wonderful things! I can't wait to get the fiber from our alpacas spun into yarn. Joe and Austin, who were doing the shearing, were so incredibly gifted in what they were doing. They had shearing down to an exact science. We were so impressed with how in tune they were with the animals and how understanding they were with us, the beginners. We have gone through our first shearing season and we are super excited for our newly shorn alpacas to come live with us!

Fiber from our boys just waiting to be spun into yarn

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